Warren Hall has over 20 years of teaching experience, he holds a Bachelor of Teaching through Flinders University and is nearing completion of a Masters of Education in Educational Leadership and Management.


He is passionate about teaching and Christian education having taught in a number of Christian schools in South Australia, including Maranatha Christian School, Portside Christian School and Southern Vales Christian College.


At Portside Christian School he was part of a working committee to extend the school into the secondary years. Warren has established and led Middle Schools at Portside Christian School and Southern Vales Christian College.


Warren is a musician and from 1995 to 1998 he coordinated the South Australian Christian Schools Music Festival with a team of teachers from supporting schools.


Blakes Crossing Christian College presented a new challenge for Warren accepting the Principal's role in 2013 believing this to be God's calling on his life at this time.


Warren is an Elder at his home church where he also oversees the children's ministry. We are 'saved to serve'.

Mr Warren Hall


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