Jaime Ma

Reception A Teacher

email Jaime

Renee Maczkowiack

Year 1B Teacher

email Renee

Kesenya Taylor

Year 3A Teacher

email Kesenya

Akitowa Nshangalume

Year 4B Teacher

email Akitowa

Ruth Pivovaroff

PE Coordinator (R-6)

Health/PE (R-6)

email Ruth

Niki Sulzberger

7B PC Teacher

email Niki

Tory Green

9B PC Teacher

English, HASS

email Tory

Saba Sankauskas

Visual Arts, STEM, Design

email Saba

Sue Crocker

In-class Support

email Sue

Carla Styling

In-class Support

email Carla

Shona Mathieson

Administration Manager

email Shona

Tammy Hall


email Tammy

Simon George

Head of Secondary

Head of Daily Operations

email Simon

Matt Powell

IT Support

email Matt

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Maddie Trewren

Reception B Teacher

email Maddie

Emily Beadle

Year 2A Teacher

email Emily

Sandy Bernhardt

Year 3B Teacher

email Sandy

Ian Doveton

Year 5A Teacher

email Ian

Megan Callan

Performing Arts Coordinator (R-6)

Performing Arts (R-6)

email Megan

Gareth Higginson

Head of Student Development (7-11)

8A PC Teacher

Personal Development

email Gareth

Nicholas Charles

10A PC Teacher

Maths, Digital Tech, Comm Studies

email Nicholas

Liz Shackleford


email Liz

Bec Keiller

In-class Support

email Bec

Kim Waters

In-class Support

email Kim

Timothy Newsham

Finance Officer

email Timothy

Sue Learey

Administration Officer

email Sue

Lisa Kuhlmann

SACE Coordinator

PLP, Research Project, Maths

email Lisa

Jaimee Baker

Communications & IT Support

email Jaimee

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Leah Soliman

Year 1A Teacher

email Leah

April Bird

Year 2B Teacher

email April

Sharlene Middleton

Head of Student Development (R-6)

Year 3B Teacher

email Sharlene

Rebecca Goldney

Year 5B Teacher

email Rebecca

Alex Lauder

7A PC Teacher

email Alex

Cameron Hall

Performing Arts Coordinator (7-11)

8B PC Teacher

Performing Arts (7-11)

email Cameron

Luke Agalidis

11A PC Teacher

Maths, Science

email Luke

Dodie Dutschke

Home Ec, Hospitality,

Food Technology

email Dodie