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Barney Jones

Head of Senior School

Achieve ( Years 10 to 12 )

Welcome to Senior School

At Blakes Crossing Christian College we are Educating for Eternity. We want to journey with you and your child as they prepare for all that God has for them beyond school.

We work with your child individually to create a pathway that develops their God-given talents and helps them to achieve their goals.

We aim to ensure your child has a safe, supportive and caring environment that optimises their opportunity for success.

The Senior School is a unique and vitally important stage in a student's schooling journey, and with that comes many exciting opportunities. Senior School students are encouraged to develop independent thinking skills and continue to grow in academic rigour required for tertiary study and the workplace.

We challenge students to think deeply and critically about God’s created world and their place in it.

We look forward to celebrating with you and your child as they through Senior School to follow their individual path and future plans.

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