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Sharlene Middleton

Deputy Principal

Head of Primary

Grow ( Years 3 to 6 )

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Welcome to Primary

In Years 3-6 we have the privilege of being part of your child’s final years of Primary School. Over this time, we see amazing growth and maturity, as students better understand the footprint they are leaving on those around them. Whilst the curriculum is forefront in our minds, so is the development of students’ character and love of Christ. We work hard to build relationships with each child to help identify and cater for their individual needs and, ultimately, provide them with the best possible outcomes. As we journey with your child we also work on building their resilience to ensure a smooth transition to Middle School. It is our goal to provide an environment where your child feels safe to take on new challenges, make mistakes and enjoy coming to school.


Every year level is given an enriched learning environment, both in and out of the classroom. They are given the opportunity to join groups such as choir, interschool SACSA and weekend sporting teams, school sporting events and camps. These experiences provide students with opportunities to grow outside of the classroom and enrich their relationships with their peers and teachers. As the leaders of Primary our Year 6 students undergo training to become Peer Support Leaders. The program provides students with social and emotional knowledge and skills as they engage with and lead our students in Years R-5.

Blakes Crossing Christian College has a strong focus on Information Technology (IT) literacy that will enable students to be successful global citizens in the 21st century. IT is a significant feature in the College’s strategic plan and the College has invested heavily to support this vision. As part of College Fees all Years 4-6 students are provided with an iPad. This ensures that technology is consistent throughout the College and performs at the optimal level during their schooling. In High School their iPad is replaced with a suitable laptop. The goal is to ensure that all students have access to unlimited opportunities to learn anytime and anywhere and that they have the tools to make it possible.

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